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My top 3 Gmail tips (with how-to videos)!

Just started using gmail or want to upgrade your game? Here are my top 3 Gmail tips and tricks!

Snooze emails for later:

“Gmail has created the snooze feature. This means that you can "snooze" an email until later - when you have more time.”

Running a business means lots of emails. I understand how overwhelming that can be, especially when you just want to do what you love (and not spend all day in your inbox). If you are finding you are struggling with managing your emails and just don't have enough time to reply to them all at once, Gmail has created the snooze feature. This means that you can "snooze" an email until later - when you have more time.

Set up filters to prevent clutter:

Gmail's filters are great. You can prevent email overload by setting up for certain emails to bypass your inbox and go straight into a folder of your choosing - for example all those pesky newsletters! Here's my video on how to set these up:

Add your emails to Google Tasks:

If you find yourself forgetting, in addition to snoozing emails as above, you can also add your emails to Google Tasks; you'll then have your own handy virtual to-do list! Below is a video from me showing you how to set this up.

If you'd like some help setting up any of the above, I offer an inbox detox service in addition to email management.

If you are thinking about outsourcing your admin, or need some help - but you aren't sure with what, you can contact me; I offer a free, 1-hour, no obligation consultation. During this time, we can discuss what you're struggling with, what takes up all your time and what your goals are. We'll also discuss how you like the tasks completed and potential timescales.

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I offer a free, 1-hour no-obligation consultation in which we can discuss your needs and goals for your business - and how I can help!

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